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Creative EV Charging: Winline Technology’s Innovative Solutions

In the fast-evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the role of EV charger manufacturers is pivotal. Winline Technology, with its 8 years of experience in the EV charging industry and 16 years in energy storage, stands out as a leader in providing innovative solutions for efficient and reliable charging.

Innovative Products for Efficient Charging

Winline Technology offers a range of cutting-edge products designed to enhance the EV charging experience. Their LCR100040A 40KW@ 1000V Liquid Cooling Charging Module utilizes full liquid cooling technology, ensuring enhanced heat dissipation efficiency. This module’s wide constant power range of 300-1000V enables fast charging for vehicles with different voltage levels, while its full-load efficiency exceeds 95.5%, ensuring high efficiency and electricity savings.

Industry-Leading Design and Efficiency

One of Winline Technology’s standout features is its industry-leading volume design, boasting a power density of 41W/in³. This design not only saves space but also enhances the overall efficiency of the charging station. Additionally, the quick-plug design for water inlet and outlet allows for leak-free module replacement, reducing maintenance downtime and costs.

UXR100040B-40kW 1000V DC Charging Module

Another standout product from Winline Technology is the UXR100040B-40kW 1000V DC Charging Module. This module offers an ultra-wide output voltage range of 100~1000Vdc, making it suitable for different types of EVs. With an ultra-high output power of 40KW constant power output and a full-power wide working temperature range of -40~55℃, this module ensures high efficiency and reliability even in challenging conditions.


In conclusion, Winline Technology is at the forefront of  the EV charging industry with its innovative solutions. From its liquid cooling technology to its industry-leading design and efficiency, Winline Technology is setting new standards for EV charger manufacturers. With a focus on high efficiency, user experience, and reliability, Winline Technology is shaping the future of EV charging.

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