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DAYA’s Shower Trays: Revolutionizing Bathroom Solutions

When it comes to creating a modern and efficient bathroom, every detail matters. One essential element that has gained popularity in recent years is the 1700mm shower tray. As the leading manufacturer of bathroom solutions, DAYA brings its expertise to the forefront with their cutting-edge 1700mm shower tray designs.

Space-Saving Design

DAYA’s cutting-edge 1700 mm shower trays are a game changer in the world of bathroom solutions. The original design of DAYA reflects their commitment to perfection, making them the go-to choice for space optimization in all types of bathrooms.DAYA’s 1700mm shower trays, with their slender appearance and small proportions, are ideal for businesses trying to make the most of restricted space. DAYA shower trays mix well with any bathroom plan, producing a sleek and modern look.


The variety of sizes and forms available with DAYA’s 1700mm shower trays sets them apart. DAYA offers it all, whether it’s a rectangle tray for a simple design or a quadrant tray for a curved enclosure. These adaptable choices appeal to a wide range of customer requirements, assuring a perfect match for every project.


DAYA’s custom shower tray Series f provides homeowners with a sleek and stylish shower solution that adds a modern touch to any bathroom. With its durable construction, easy installation, and minimal cleaning requirements, this series of custom shower trays is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their shower space.DAYA stands out as a brand that keeps its promises when it comes to selecting a trustworthy partner for bathroom needs.

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