Euro every few years – Find out where Euro 2024 will be held?

If you are a football lover, you must be extremely familiar with big and small tournaments around the world. However, some new people are still learning about what kind of tournament the Euro is and how often does the Euro happen every year? Hence the article below New88 We will share detailed information about this international football tournament.
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What is a brief overview of the Euro tournament?

Before learning about the Euro every few years, you need to understand some information about this tournament. Euro is the abbreviation for the European football championship of the UEFA European Championship. It is known that this is one of the major football tournaments from the European Football Federation Association for men’s football.

In 1960, this event took place for the first time in Europe, then a regulation was established every four years to determine the Continent. This idea was proposed by French football federation general secretary Henri Delaunay in 1927. However, it was not until 1958 that the tournament was held three years after his death.

At that time, the championship trophy was named after Henri Delaunay to honor the late secretary general. However, in 2008, it was renamed Euro Football Cup, making the tournament bigger. In particular, the trophy is 24 inches high, weighs 8kg and is more than 7 inches long

Revealing the history of the formation of the Euro tournament

Besides the Euro every few years, the history of this tournament is also of interest to many people. Previously the tournament was called UEFA European Natios Cup, but in 1969 it changed its name to the current UEFA Euro (Year). The first final of the tournament took place in 1960 and included 4 teams.

However, it was later expanded to 8 teams in 1980, but in 1996 it changed to 16 teams. In 1996, the 10th Euro was held in England from June 8 to June 30. At this time, Germany became the first team to win the European championship three times when winning the championship. The next times the Euro was held were in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020. By 2024, it will be the 17th European football tournament, and this is the second time it will be held. takes place in Germany.

Euro is held every year?

Euro every year? Euro is held every four years, similar to other important tournaments at the national team level. Many people believe that a gap of 4 years is enough for teams to upgrade their squad and adapt. In addition, the Euro takes place two years before the World Cup is held. Accordingly, this event is also held two years after the world cup and takes place in the summer of even-numbered years.

Where is the location for the Euro tournament?

Euro every year? Germany will next be the host country for the upcoming EURO 2024. Venue of the qualifying draw in Frankfurt on Sunday 9 October 2022.
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Through Germany have qualified as hosts and Russia are currently suspended. The remaining 53 participating teams are divided into ten groups: 3 groups of six teams. and 7 groups of five teams. The top two from each playing team will qualify for the final tournament.

  • Group A: Scotland, Cyprus, Norway, Spain, Georgia
  • Group B: Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar, Netherlands, France, Greece
  • Group C: Italy, Ukraine, England, North Macedonia, Malta
  • Group D: Wales, Turkiye, Latvia, Croatia, Armenia,
  • Group E: Albania, Czech Republic, Faroe Islands, Poland, Moldova
  • Group F: will include countries such as Estonia, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Azerbaijan
  • Group G: Montenegro, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Lithuania
  • Group H: Slovenia, Northern Ireland, Kazakhstan, San Marino, Denmark, Finland
  • Table I: Kosovo, Belarus, Andorra, Switzerland, Israel, Romania.
  • Group J: Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Bosnia Herzegovina.

Euro every year? Of these, 3 out of 24 tickets to participate in UEFA EURO 2024 will be determined by the play-off spots of the UEFA Nations League 2022/23.  Twelve teams will be selected based on their performance in the 2022/23 Nations League, nominally the top teams of groups A, B and C.

If they pass the qualifying rounds, they will be replaced by the next best ranked team in the tournament. If there are no qualified teams in the same league, it will be filtered down to the next league, ending with League D.


With the information mentioned above, surely you know what this tournament is and what it is euro every few years organized right? Please follow our articles to get more useful sports data.

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