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EVB: Empowering Businesses with Dual Socket EV Chargers

EVB has emerged as a trusted manufacturer of dual socket EV charger, offering businesses reliable and efficient charging solutions. In this blog post, we will showcase customer testimonials highlighting positive experiences with EVB’s chargers. We will also delve into the strategic partnerships and collaborations with global automakers, the established reliability and compliance of EVB’s chargers with industry standards, and the commitment of EVB in providing exceptional AC EV charging solutions.

Customer Testimonials and Positive Experiences

EVB’s dual socket EV chargers have garnered positive feedback from satisfied customers. Testimonials highlight the reliability, durability, and user friendly features of the chargers. Customers appreciate the seamless charging experience, advanced functionalities, and the peace of mind that comes with EVB’s commitment to safety and performance. These testimonials serve as a testament to the satisfaction and trust that businesses have in EVB’s chargers.

Partnerships with Global Automakers

EVB has forged partnerships and collaborations with renowned global automakers, including Nissan, Hyundai, Chevrolet, and Mitsubishi. These partnerships showcase the recognition and endorsement of EVB’s chargers by industry leaders. Collaborating with these automakers ensures compatibility, seamless integration, and optimized charging experiences for their electric vehicle models. It further solidifies EVB’s position as a trusted and preferred charging solution provider in the market.

Reliability and Compliance with Global Industry Standards

EVB’s dual socket chargers have established a reputation for reliability and compliance with global industry standards. The chargers undergo rigorous testing and adhere to safety certifications such as CE, CB, TUV, and RCM. By meeting these stringent standards, EVB provides businesses with the confidence that their charging infrastructure is not only efficient but also safe and compliant with international regulations.

Commitment to Exceptional AC EV Charging Solutions

EVB is committed to providing businesses with exceptional AC EV charging solutions. The chargers are meticulously designed to offer industry leading features, including advanced monitoring capabilities, intelligent load management, compatibility with renewable energy sources, and user friendly interfaces. EVB’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets them apart as a manufacturer that businesses can rely on for their EV charging needs.


EVB has earned its reputation as a trusted manufacturer of dual socket EV chargers through customer testimonials, strategic partnerships with global automakers, compliance with industry standards, and a commitment to exceptional AC EV charging solutions. Businesses can confidently rely on EVB’s chargers for reliable and efficient charging experiences. With EVB, businesses can embrace the future of electric mobility and contribute to a more sustainable and greener transportation ecosystem. Choose EVB as your partner in EV charging and unlock the power of reliable and cutting edge technology.

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