How to Calculate Over and Under to Always Win Shared by Experts

How to calculate over/under How to standardize to win the most wins? This is a question that many bettors are wondering, especially those who are Nhà cái New88 to the game. So in the article below we will guide you how to calculate this game most effectively.

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Over/under is known as a betting game that is making waves in the market today. The reason why many people participate in this masterpiece is the simplicity of the gameplay and the extremely high chance of winning. You just need to bet on one of two possible outcomes: “over” or “under”.

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This is a game that depends a lot on luck when we have to predict the dice. However, with a winning rate of up to 50%, it will help you easily predict success and earn attractive money. Don’t stop there if you know how to calculate over/under Surely your winning rate will be many times higher.

For many people, this is just a game of red and black, no need to apply any methods or tactics. If you bet, if you’re lucky, you’ll win, if you’re unlucky, you’ll miss. However, this statement is only partially correct. Because experienced players always know how to create fighting strategies with extremely high winning rates.

Based on their experience and in-depth understanding, experts have come up with solutions how to calculate over/under effective. If applied successfully, you will definitely win more than if you bet based on your emotions. So there’s no harm in not learning more about these methods, right?

The most effective way to calculate over/under for new players

Sic Bo has now become a popular game appearing at many online bookmakers. From there, it attracts many new players to bet with the desire to make as much money as possible. And to do this, you need to immediately learn the following effective calculation methods:

The most effective way to calculate over/under for new players

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In fact, whether the result is over or under is random, but the online versions of this game all use a common algorithm. If you pay close attention you will see that it has specific rules. Therefore, give up the emotional way of playing and instead take the time to calculate to find the correct appearance rules.

Experts have analyzed and found that the most common over/under rule is 3 – 2 – 1. This means 3 times over, 2 under and 1 over. The 1 – 2 – 3 rule is completely opposite. You can rely on it how to calculate over/under This is to place bets in the most reasonable way.

Calculate over/under based on the history of previous games

How to calculate over/under The next effect we want to share with you is based on the history of previous game results. Each bookmaker provides the feature to save results, based on which you can come up with your own effective playing strategy to help win big.

Calculate over/under based on the history of previous games

You can refer to the results of the last 10 spins to predict the demand and appearance rules of over and under. Through this strategy, you will earn yourself very attractive money.

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Determine the over/under bridge

Determining the bridge span is how to calculate over/underSimple yet highly effective. Watch about 2 to 3 matches before deciding to spend money, thereby grasping the pace of the results.

At this point you will have plenty of time to think and come up with the best method. You should not bet hastily so that the results are not as expected. Instead, observe and calculate to grasp the rhythm of the bridge.

Calculation of over/under depends on picking up the duo

This is how to calculate over/under It has extremely high accuracy and is chosen by many people. Many beginners have applied this strategy and earned themselves extremely attractive profits. However, not everyone can apply this calculation method, because you must accurately predict the results of 2/3 of the dice.

Although it is difficult, if you know how to calculate and apply your own experience, you can win this bet and bring in a huge amount of money. In addition to the methods shared above, you can also continue to learn many other playing strategies to increase your winning rate.


Above, New88 has compiled these how to calculate over/under Most effective for your reference to increase your winning rate. WishFriendpressureusewalllabourandgivedaygivemeOkaythesedecideddeterminedputbetcorrectcorrecthelphitbig.

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