The Amazing Work of an MIT Engineer

You will find plenty of equipment at your local gym, including dumbbells and barbells. Weight vests won’t be found, however.

If you do not find a gym that has a weight vest, it’s unlikely that it will be useful. There will always be a piece missing or a sandbag empty. This can cause the vest to lose weight and make your exercise less efficient.

This article will provide some background information about weight vests and then move on to the amazing work of an MIT engineer.

Why would you need a weight vest.

Push-ups are a common exercise that almost everyone does. This is a fundamental exercise for calisthenics. It becomes easy after a while. This led to fitness enthusiasts creating variations of the movement (e.g. dips).

It is so easy! It’s not difficult to lift your bodyweight.

Accessing a high-quality weight vest can be difficult. These vests were originally designed in 1980.

Our MIT engineer was not happy with this situation. There had to be something.

How an MIT Engineer re-invented a weight vest

Engineering skills are essential to design the perfect weight vest. It will be difficult to design the perfect weight vest if you don’t have any experience in calisthenics.

Our engineer was a qualified calisthenics instructor with 5 years’ experience. He had the experience and knowledge to create a weight vest that is efficient.

However, it was not an easy task. To create the final design, it took hundreds of prototypes printed on 3D machines. The vest had to be functional and comfortable.

The vest was not intended to be sold at first. He just wanted to make his workouts more challenging. People kept asking him where he got it.

He eventually decided to make this weight vest commercially.

The EZ-VEST is a combination of engineering skills and field experience.

The worst thing about weight vests? You need one at all gyms. A 100-pound vest is too heavy to carry around everywhere. The EZ-VEST utilizes weight plates you can find at the gym. You can also take the vest to any gym so you can get started.

This vest is made from premium quality materials. The padding shell is made from ballistic nylon, which is the strongest fabric available.

The lining’s leather is machine washable. The 100% nylon straps are made with aluminum (aircraft grade) and the metal plates are made from aluminum.

Another problem with traditional weight vests is the inability to adjust. The EZ-VEST features chest straps that can be adjusted twice. The vest can be adjusted to fit different body types and body sizes, ranging between 100 and 250 pounds.

This vest’s final engineering detail is the way it covers your upper body. Traditional vests often cover your entire body, which can restrict your movement. The EZ-VEST, on the other hand, only covers the chest and allows for more movement.

The EZ-VEST considers all the negative aspects of traditional vests in order to make the ideal weight vest. An engineer from MIT helped him create a vest that is all-in-one and will benefit thousands.

We hope you found this article helpful in understanding the importance of weight vests and their disadvantages.

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