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U+ FILE | NIC Dental | Dental Endo File & Niti Rotary Endodontic File: Revolutionizing Canal Preparation

Dental endo files play a crucial role in achieving successful root canal treatments. NIC Dental introduces its cutting-edge U+ FILE, a Niti Rotary Endodontic File designed to optimize the canal preparation process. With its exceptional features and advanced technology, the U+ FILE is revolutionizing endodontic procedures.

1.0 MaxTech Niti alloy (1.0 3.0 6.0)

The U+ FILE by NIC Dental is crafted using the superior 1.0 MaxTech Niti alloy. This state-of-the-art material offers remarkable flexibility, durability, and resistance to cyclic fatigue. The file’s composition ensures a longer lifespan and minimizes the risk of file separation during canal preparation. Dentists can rely on the U+ FILE to deliver consistent and reliable results for their patients.

2.0 Suitable for regular canal preparation

One of the key advantages of the U+ FILE is its suitability for regular canal preparation. The file’s design facilitates efficient cleaning and shaping of the root canal system, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes. Dentists can navigate through the intricate canal anatomy with ease, saving valuable chair time and providing superior patient care. The U+ FILE streamlines the endodontic workflow, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

3.0 Triangular cross-section and safe guiding tip

The U+ FILE features a unique triangular cross-section combined with a safe guiding tip. This design offers exceptional cutting efficiency, allowing for precise and effective removal of debris and dentin. The triangular shape enhances the file’s strength and flexibility, reducing the risk of file deformation and enhancing its overall performance. The safe guiding tip ensures accurate location and minimizes the potential for iatrogenic errors, promoting safer and more predictable treatment outcomes.


With its cutting-edge features and advanced technology, the U+ FILE by NIC Dental is transforming the field of endodontics. The 1.0 MaxTech Niti alloy, suitability for regular canal preparation, triangular cross-section, and safe guiding tip are among the key attributes that make the U+ FILE a game-changer in the industry. Dental professionals can rely on the U+ FILE to streamline their procedures, provide superior patient care, and achieve outstanding results in root canal treatments.

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