What is Redemption Poker? The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Play

Poker for prizes What is that? It is a widely popular online game using Western cards, with not too difficult gameplay, making it easy to become a player and win large prizes. Let’s learn more about how to become a winner through the article below.

Detailed concept of prize-winning poker

 Poker for prizes  What is that? Poker – Hong Kong poker is a game using a deck of Western cards (in Northern Vietnam also called tu lo kho or tu tu). Playing cards originated in the early 19th century in the United States and in a short period of time spread throughout the world. Introduced to Vietnam and developed into many different ways of playing.

Poker is the easiest way to play and win prizes. Because of the popularity of poker and to meet your entertainment needs, poker is now available on the online mobile game platform. Learn how to play with  New88. Poker for prizes And get more tips through the article below.

Classify 3 types of prize-winning poker

Draw poker: With five card poker, each prize poker player will be dealt 5 cards or more, no flipping is allowed. Players can exchange cards with each other from one or more cards and a maximum of 5 exchanges.

Stud poker: Players receive 2 cards, 1 open card and 1 face down card, divided equally in the round. The difference with draw poker is that stud poker cannot shuffle the cards.

Community card poker: Each player has the right to combine the dealt cards and community cards, creating 5 cards with the strongest connection compared to other players.

The most detailed rules of prize-winning poker

In the Western deck of cards there are 52 cards, in which the poker game only uses 32 cards, from card 7 to card A (cards from 2 to 6 are removed). Card 7 is the card with the lowest value, card A has the highest value. Does not take into account the color and suit (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs), only the size of the card is calculated.

Explaining terms in the prize-winning poker game

  •  Fold: as soon as you receive 2 cards and you feel the connection and value of the card is small, there is no chance of winning. Then this is a wise decision, face down and give up the hand and at the same time lose the initial bet (base money). Sometimes giving up at the right time brings risks to a minimum.
  •  Raising: is the act of agreeing to bet an additional 100% of the floor amount or more when you agree to participate in the game, the bet amount may depend on the agreement. Maximum from 1 to 20 times. For example, if the base bet is 5, you bet at 100% and will add 5 to make 10.
  • Follow: is to bet according to the person who has raised before. For example: When the previous player raises 5 and you call, that means you bet 5 and the total bet is 15.
  • Raise all: This is a betting option based on the current total bet amount in the game, risky in nature, giving you great opportunities and accompanying risks. For example, if you bet all, the total bet will be 15+15=30.

With the 4 terms above, you will understand the basic way of playing Poker for prizes . When given an order, you must follow it without changing it. Be careful with each decision because online games have preset command buttons that cannot be revoked. This is an interesting rule that ensures fairness for the game.

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About how to play poker for specific rewards

In every game Poker for prizes There will be 2 to 6 participants. To start, game participants will bet a certain amount of money (floor money).

Next, each player is given 2 cards, the player can choose to place 1 card face down and 1 card face up. The game has a maximum of 3 rounds of betting, in the first round the person with the open card with the highest value will be the first to raise, the betting round will go counter-clockwise.

In the first round of raising (each player’s third round of playing cards), the first player orders a raise, then the next players can only call or raise everything.

  • There are only 2 rounds of betting in the first round. In round 1, the player can choose, and in round 2, they can only order Theo (round 2 appears when in round 1 many people make different decisions than the first person who raised).
  • The second round of betting (4th card) has 3 rounds of betting.
  • The third raise (5th card) is the last raise and will have no limit on the number of raises.
  • During the raising process, players can choose to fold to minimize risk.
  • The winner will receive the total bet amount (if the bet is enough). If you bet short of money (bet all your money), you will only receive the sum of the previous rounds + an amount of money in the current bet.

How to calculate high and low card rankings in prize-winning poker

Mau Bi<Double<Animal/Two Pairs<Sham chi<Hanh<Barrel<Cu Flood<Four Quarters<Bang Destroy Hall<Lord Barrel<Five Quarters. The lowest is Mau Do, the highest is Five Ghosts. As follows:

  1.  High card: consists of 5 odd cards without any connection. We start by considering the card with the highest value in the deck, and when the highest card matches, we continue to consider the next cards. For example: K of hearts, J of diamonds, 8 of spades, 10 of clubs, A of spades.
  2. Pair: in 5 cards, there are 2 cards of the same value and 3 odd cards, calculate the height of the pair followed by the odd cards. Having 1 pair is a common situation in card games Poker for prizes , there are many other stronger links. For example: 9 spades, 9 hearts, 7 hearts, Q of diamonds, A of hearts.
  3. Two pairs: There are 2 pairs and 1 odd card in a total of 5 cards. With 2 pairs you have a lot of advantage, start comparing cards with the highest pair, then the lower pair, and finally the odd cards. For example: J of hearts, J of hearts, 10 of diamonds, 10 of diamonds, Q of spades.
  4. Three of a kind: among the 5 cards in your hand, there will be 3 cards of the same number, compared to the high and low of the set of 3. For example: 8 hearts, 8 diamonds, 8 clubs, J of hearts, 7 spades.
  5. Straight: is a set of 5 cards in a series of uneven numbers linked in ascending order, starting from the card with the highest value. For example: 7 diamonds, 8 spades, 9 hearts, 10 hearts, J of hearts.
  6. Flush: 5 cards of the same color, same suit but not in a series of numbers. Use the piece with the highest value to consider, then the pieces from high to low. For example: 8 muscles, 10 muscles, J muscles, K muscles, A muscles.
  7. Full house: 1 set of three and 1 duo. Compare the value of sets of 3. For example: J of hearts, J of diamonds, J of hearts, 9 of diamonds, 9 of spades.
  8. Four of a kind: 4 cards of the same number (four of a kind) and 1 odd card. Consider the size of the four quarters. For example: 7 hearts, 7 diamonds, 7 hearts, 7 spades, 10 hearts.
  9. Straight flush: 1 straight flush, compared to the highest card. For example: 7 muscles, 8 muscles, 9 muscles, 10 muscles, J muscles.
  10. Royal flush: 1 straight straight with the highest card being Ace (A). For example: 10 of diamonds, J of diamonds, Q of diamonds, K of diamonds, A of diamonds.
  11. Five of a kind: 4 cards of the same number and 1 joker. For example: 9 hearts, 9 diamonds, 9 hearts, 9 spades, joker.

Some tips for you when playing poker with easy-to-win prizes at  New88

First, prepare yourself for a stable mood and ideal health. In the game with a clear head, you can increase your winning percentage by making the right decisions.

During the process of playing cards, through the actions and commands of other players, one can see their playing style and psychology. It’s easy to recognize new players because their unruly and cocky play style is a lucrative bait. On the contrary, be more careful when you are the “attractive prey”. Managing your emotional state is key.

Position is also important in poker, being the last to act you can see the choices of other players. Become an active player instead of a passive player.

Above is a summary of how to play Poker for prizes  and some tips are Bookmaker New88 https://new889.blue/ synthesize and share with readers. Hopefully after the above article, players who participate in betting at this playground will become experts and bring huge profits for themselves.

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