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Victoria World Academy: Your Pathway to Success in the GCE O-Level Exam

The Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level exam is a highly regarded international qualification that assesses students’ knowledge and understanding at the culmination of their secondary education. Recognized globally, the GCE O-Level aligns closely with the Singapore school curriculum, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded education. At Victoria World Academy (VWA), international students can embark on a transformative journey towards achieving success in the GCE O-Level exams and beyond.

Victoria World Academy’s Preparatory Course: Unleashing Potential

Victoria World Academy (VWA) takes pride in its expertise and commitment to GCE O-Level preparation. Their Preparatory Course, tailored specifically for the upcoming GCE O-Level 2024 examinations, provides students with a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum.

Assessment and Certification at VWA: Recognizing Accomplishments

VWA employs an effective internal assessment system to evaluate students’ progress and readiness for the GCE O-Level exams. Throughout the academic year, students undergo four internal assessments that align with the Singapore GCE O-Level knowledge framework. These assessments provide valuable feedback and help students gauge their performance.

One of the remarkable advantages of studying at VWA is that students are exempted from end-of-term examinations, allowing them to focus their energy on the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level Exam preparation.


In conclusion, Victoria World Academy (VWA) is your trusted partner in GCE O-Level preparation. With their exceptional Preparatory Course, expert educators, and comprehensive assessment system, VWA empowers international students to excel in the GCE O-Level exams and lay a strong foundation for future academic pursuits. Join VWA and embark on a remarkable educational journey towards a successful future.

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