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A Scale Supplier that Stands Out in the World: Welland

How did Welland, which stood out from the crowd of scale suppliers, make a global impact? Looking at their history, they have not only done the basic responsibilities of a weighing scale supplier, but they have also invested a lot of capital in their own research and development to make their industrial impact bigger and bigger.

Key Features

Prime, they have a strong R&D and applications team that supports OEM customization. Offers a wide range of solutions for BIA fat measurement and communication. Secondly, support SDK and free APP with more than 7 million users worldwide. Thirdly, they have been awarded “Top 10 Preferred Products”, “Amazon Best Seller”, Alibaba certified powerful GSKA online factory. With a proven supplier chain and 20% automated mechanized production, we provide products with good quality and low price.

Complete and perfect service

Their OEM service is very complete, not only providing free logo customization, but secondly designing unique and personalized patterns and styles for customers to make them stand out. Thirdly, they will also have customized packaging printing. This is also a good way if you want your product to be quickly remembered by consumers.


Through these unique features and high-quality OEM services, Welland’s reputation is getting better and better, and also their global business is developing more and more smoothly, and they have built a good relationship with more than 10 e-commerce platforms around the world. This further illustrates that the high quality of the product is a result of the rational collaboration between the company and the factory, driving the smooth running of the entire company’s business. As a result, it has attracted many customers from all over the world.

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