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Achieve Sterile Clarity in Surgical Procedures with Winner Medical’s Camera Cover

In order to maintain a sanitary environment between cameras and their accessories during medical procedures, Winner Medical has developed the Camera Cover. The cutting-edge camera surgical drapes will help keep the operating area clean and safe for surgical monitoring.

Crystal-Clear Visibility with Polyethylene Design

The Winner Medical Camera Cover is crafted from clear polyethylene, providing exceptional transparency. This feature allows medical professionals to monitor surgical equipment with clarity, ensuring precision in every step of the procedure.

Secure and Reliable Attachment

To ensure a secure and reliable attachment around the camera, the camera cover comes equipped with a stretchable adhesive tape. This adhesive tape is meticulously designed to keep the camera cover in place throughout the surgical procedure. Additionally, an extra adhesive tape is provided for added reinforcement.

Convenient Application with Cardboard Applicator

The Winner Medical Camera Cover is incredibly user-friendly. It comes with a cardboard applicator, simplifying the application process and ensuring that the camera cover is easily and securely placed on the camera.

Quality Management Excellence

Winner Medical has a long-standing commitment to quality. Since 1995, they have implemented a robust quality management system that oversees every aspect of production, from raw materials to the finished product. Their professional regulatory team continuously works on upgrading new regulatory registrations.


Winner Medical’s Camera Cover is a crucial tool for maintaining a sterile surgical environment while allowing clear visibility of essential equipment. With its commitment to quality and innovation, Winner Medical continues to be a trusted name in healthcare solutions.

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