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DNL EJ3500B: Fast and Adjustable Electric Powered Jack for Trailer Parts and Accessories

When it comes to trailer parts and accessories, having reliable and efficient equipment is crucial for hassle-free towing experiences. DNL, a leading brand in the industry, presents the EJ3500B, an electric powered jack designed to provide fast positioning and exceptional adjustability. Whether you’re hitching up a trailer for a weekend getaway or handling heavy cargo, the EJ3500B offers the power and versatility you need. With its impressive features and advanced functionality, this jockey jack is a game-changer for trailer enthusiasts.

Fast Positions with 14 Inches of Travel

The EJ3500B boasts an impressive 14 inches of travel, allowing for quick and precise positioning of your trailer. No more struggling with manual jacks or wasting time on laborious adjustments. With the EJ3500B, you can effortlessly raise or lower your trailer to achieve the desired height in no time. This time-saving feature ensures a smoother towing experience, enabling you to hit the road faster and with greater convenience.

Adjustable Drop Leg with 8 Inches of Travel

A drop leg with 8 inches of travel provides unmatched adjustability, catering to various trailer heights and terrain conditions. Whether you’re dealing with uneven surfaces or need to align your trailer with a hitch, the EJ3500B’s adjustable drop leg has got you covered. Simply extend or retract the leg as needed to achieve perfect balance and stability. This adaptability makes the EJ3500B a versatile solution for different towing scenarios.

Unmatched Convenience for Trailer Enthusiasts

The DNL EJ3500B electric powered jack combines power, speed, and adjustability to offer unparalleled convenience. Its efficient motor ensures smooth and effortless operation, reducing strain on the user. The compact and sturdy design enhances durability and ease of installation, making it a reliable long-term investment. With its user-friendly controls and innovative features, the EJ3500B simplifies the trailer hitching process, transforming it into a hassle-free and enjoyable task.


For trailer owners seeking a high-quality electric powered jack that excels in both speed and adjustability, the DNL EJ3500B is the ideal choice. Its 14 inches of travel allows for fast and precise positioning, while the 8-inch adjustable drop leg ensures optimal stability. With its user-friendly design and durable construction, the EJ3500B sets a new standard for trailer jacks. Say goodbye to manual labor and embrace the convenience and efficiency of the DNL EJ3500B electric powered jack for all your towing needs.

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