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JUNTY’s Carbon Graphite Seals: Embracing Versatility and Performance

In the vast landscape of mechanical seals, carbon graphite has emerged as a soft material that finds utility in a myriad of applications – from wet running to dry running scenarios. With its remarkable attributes including thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity, natural lubricity, and corrosion resistance, carbon graphite has become a sought-after choice for various industries. As a trailblazer in the field, JUNTY recognizes the potential of carbon graphite and has developed an exceptional line of carbon graphite seals that cater to diverse service conditions.

Unparalleled Versatility for Different Service Conditions

JUNTY’s carbon graphite seals exhibit versatility that enables them to excel in wide-ranging service conditions. With different grades of mechanical carbon, JUNTY offers tailored solutions for varying requirements. For cost-effective and large-scale needs, resin-bonded carbon proves to be the ideal choice, as it can be customized to order. To address porosity challenges, JUNTY incorporates filler materials such as furan resin, phenolic resin, or epoxy resin into resin-impregnated carbon, resulting in reduced porosity and improved performance. Moreover, JUNTY’s utilization of metal-impregnated carbon, infused with antimony, copper, or Babbitt alloys, ensures enhanced strength and capability to withstand higher working temperatures.

Exceptional Performance and Reliability

JUNTY’s carbon graphite seals stand out due to their exceptional performance and reliability. The incorporation of high-quality carbon graphite provides inherent benefits such as outstanding thermal shock resistance, excellent natural lubricity, and good corrosion resistance. These attributes not only enhance the overall efficiency of the seals but also contribute to their longevity in demanding operating conditions. JUNTY’s relentless pursuit of perfection and adherence to stringent quality standards guarantee that each carbon graphite seal delivers unmatched performance, instilling confidence in customers’ fluid and gas control applications.


JUNTY’s carbon graphite seals stand at the forefront of mechanical sealing solutions, embodying versatility, performance, and reliability. By harnessing the exceptional properties of carbon graphite, JUNTY has successfully developed a range of seals that cater to diverse service conditions. Whether it’s wet running or dry running applications, JUNTY’s carbon graphite seals excel, offering exceptional thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity, natural lubricity, and corrosion resistance. Through their innovative approach, incorporating fillers to reduce porosity and enhance performance, JUNTY consistently exceeds customer expectations.

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