“Learning to live with ambiguity and uncertainty is necessary a precondition for more opportunity.”

Everyone, including you and me, chases success in a world bundled with competition. If we want to win, I mean really ‘win,’ we need to make some life-changing decisions that are well thought out. Every day we make ample decisions from the time we rise till we go to bed. Some are routine, but some are not. The some-are-not decisions are crucial in our life. They have to be taken seriously to come up with flying colors.

After the quote described at the beginning of this write-up, we need to make life-changing decisions that emerge from ambiguous and uncertain situations if we want to win. We know how several billion-dollar businesses have emerged victorious despite facing ambiguous and uncertain situations.

Who thought WhatApp would reach the place it is now since Facebook bought it. Likewise, Instagram later. All of them faced uncertain circumstances that led them to make disruptive decisions to stand out in the market. Perhaps, deciding during uncertain times is essential. OODA loop is one of the practical approaches that will assist you in making profound decisions in any circumstances.


The OODA loop is an approach that contains four steps. The acronym OODA stands for Observation, Orientation, Decision, and Action. Interestingly, the OODA loop was invented by a famous military strategist Mr.John Boyd in 1997. He invented this tool intending to explain how individuals and organizations can win in uncertain and chaotic environments.

The OODA loop approach isn’t something new to you; instead, it is a process you are already doing every second of your day. Let’s assume that you observe that you need a pen. You orient by remembering there is a stationary shop down the street and it’s about to close in 30 minutes. Therefore, you decide to go at once. Successfully you buy a pen that explains the OODA loop’s action part.

That was awesome!

Okay. Let us now look into each section of the OODA loop.


Seeing is far different from observing. Observation means actively absorbing a particular incident or a situation with your mental, physical and moral dimensions. Seeing a number is merely an action, but sheer observation analyzes a particular number from various aspects.


One of the integral steps in the OODA loops is orientation. You try to analyze and synthesize the observations you made before with your previous experience and knowledge. The nucleus of orientation is to find the errors and mismatching of the present data, thus concluding with the correct data.


This stage is the lead way to the final stage of action. You organize endless meetings and discussions with the data you collected from the previous orientation stage. Listing out the advantages and disadvantages, you decide with your whole heart.


Everything has been perfectly done, and it’s time for you to carry out the decision you made in the previous stage. You execute the action plan and wait for the result to delight you.


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