Unleash Your Creativity: Seamlessly Combine Your Videos Today!

If you’re not new to video editing, you must be familiar with video mergers. Now that the video editing market is inundated with a wide array of tools, lots of ordinary users can access professional software and make all the necessary edits to their video projects in no time. But to use an online video merger, you don’t even need to possess any special skills or relevant experience. The reason why online mergers are growing in popularity is their ease of use, reliability, and ability to accommodate a variety of video editing needs.

In today’s brief guide, you want to outline the major benefits of an online video merger you can find on the 123apps platform. Despite its simplistic interface and absence of advanced editing features, this too can go a long way in helping you seamlessly combine your video clips and get a truly impressive result in the end. So, if you’re ready to transform your footage into compelling video projects, familiarize yourself with this post.

How to Use Online Merger?

The 123apps platform offers a wide variety of video editing tools that enable even first-time users to quickly edit their videos online. And the online merger is no exception. There are only several steps that you should take to craft professional-looking movies for your social media, business, or personal use.

Uploaded Footage

So, you’ve filmed some great footage for your future movie and now you want to effectively combine them. For this, locate the Video Merger tool on the platform and open it in your favorite browser. Note that you don’t need to download any third-party software onto your device. The video merger in question runs entirely in your browser, which makes it possible to do all the work online.

The app will ask you to upload the file to the platform once you select the corresponding option. Alternatively, you can just drag and drop the required file and select ‘Add.’ Do the same to add the other video you want to merge.

Note that the app enables you to upload videos virtually in any format. So, the odds are good you won’t need to change your default input format to proceed to the next step.

Combine Videos

Chances are you’ll want to cut the length of your input videos before actually merging them. That’s where the trimming option may come in particularly handy. Take advantage of the dedicated trimming tool to tweak the length or use the Scissors option to split videos into fragments. There’s also the Transform tool that helps smoothen transitions and eliminate unseemly black bars.

Decide on the Format

The platform supports a number of container formats. So, you can choose the one that’s the right fit for your device.

Locate the gear icon next to the ‘Save’ option and check out the list of available formats. Once you decide on the best option for your movie, hit ‘Save’ and wait for the encoding process to complete.

What Can You Do to Further Improve Your Videos?

Your video editing quest shouldn’t necessarily end after merging your videos. It’s just one step towards making your projects more visually appealing. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to stop there.

You can enhance the quality of your movies using other tools the 123apps platform abounds in. Make your videos more engaging and professional-looking by adding some text or effective captions to them. You can also repeat the video using the looper tool or spruce it up with fun audio. There’s so much you can do to express yourself or your brand through videos! So, what are you waiting for?

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