The over/under bet is known to be a popular bet in the soccer betting industry. New players are currently very confused about this type of bet and want to find more useful information. So in this article New88.com will bring you the most accurate information about what the upper and lower odds are.

What is the definition of over/under?

What is the over/under bet? This is a term in soccer betting, used to refer to the total number of goals scored in a match. The bookie will give a number for the total number of goals and the player will bet on whether the total number of goals will be greater (over) or less (under) that number.

For example: If the bookmaker gives the over/under odds of 2.5, it means the player will bet on whether the total number of goals in the match will be greater or less than 2.5. If the total number of goals is 3 or more, the player who bets on the upper bet will win and the player who bet on the lower bet will lose. If the total number of goals is 2 or less, the under bet will be considered a loss.

When learning about the over or under bet, you will see that this type of bet also depends on the bookie’s assessment of the strength of the two teams. The team that is rated higher, has better performance, and has a bigger name will be called the upper bet. The team that is rated weaker, has poor performance, and has a smaller name will be called the underdog. The house will accept the underdog by a certain number of points to equalize the chances of winning for both sides.

What is the easiest way to choose the lower and upper bets to win?

When learning about what the upper and lower odds are, many people are interested in how to choose the odds. This is also a question that many football bettors are often interested in. This type of bet is not too difficult to choose, but to increase your chances of winning, you just need to do the following:

Players need to carefully study the factors that affect the scoring ability of both teams, such as form, strength, confrontation history, playing conditions, psychology… In addition, you also need to compare Compare the odds of different bookmakers to find the odds with the highest value. A high value over/under bet is a bet where the player’s winning rate is higher than the house’s losing rate.

Choosing the over/under bet in soccer is an important skill for soccer bettors. If you know how to analyze and choose the above odds scientifically and accurately, you can take advantage of opportunities to make money from matches with many goals.
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Take a look at some common handicaps in the over/under handicap?

If you want to play well with this popular type of bet in soccer betting, you definitely cannot ignore some of the following common handicaps:

Half-left handicap

What is the half-left handicap in the upper and lower handicap? This is one of the most popular odds when playing over/under odds. This odds means that the upper team will handicap the lower team by half, meaning the lower team will be added 0.5 points to the final result.

For example, if the actual result of the match is a draw, the player who bets on the upper bet will lose all money, and the player who bet on the lower bet will win all the money. Because the top team handicaps the bottom half, when the two teams are tied, for example with a score of 1-1, the bottom team is added 0.5 points and the score will be 1-1.5, so the bottom team wins.

Handicap 1/4 left

The 1/4 left handicap is similar to the half left handicap, which is the rate at which the upper team (or stronger team) will handicap the lower team (weaker team) by 1/4 left. Whichever team wins will be considered to win all of the bet. However, if there is a draw, the player who placed the upper bet will only lose half the money, and the player who placed the lower bet will receive half the money. Thus, this is considered a fairly safe handicap ratio.

Handicap 3/4 left

What is the 3/4 left handicap in the over/under handicap? This odds is also quite common, but is often used in smaller matches. At this rate, the upper bet will accept the lower bet by 0.75 left. Only when the upper team wins by 2 goals compared to the lower soikeobongda.net team will the bet be considered a winner.

In case of winning by only 1 goal difference, the player who bets on the upper bet only wins half the money, and the player who bets on the lower bet only loses half the money. If the result is a draw or a win for the underdog team, the person who chooses the underdog team will win the entire bet amount.

Handicap 1 goal

With a 1-goal handicap, the top team must handicap the bottom team by one goal. To win the bet, the favorite team must win by at least two goals. Otherwise, the upper team will be considered the loser. When choosing this bet, you need to calculate carefully because the risk level is very high.

What is the experience to really play the upper and lower odds well?

Surely new players who are just starting to bet on football with the upper and lower odds will definitely want to gain experience from the experts to be more confident. We won’t let you search far away. We have gathered some of the following experiences:

What is researching the team to bet on the over/under odds?

Learn about the strength, performance, history and achievements of the teams participating in the match. In particular, you need to pay attention to factors such as injuries, suspensions, lineup changes or the absence of important players.

Confrontation analysis

Consider the results, scores and playing style of the two teams in previous meetings. This helps you realize each team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their ability to win.

What is the use of statistical data in over/under betting?

Based on data such as goal ratio, win rate, loss rate, number of matches without conceding a goal or average number of goals for each team to evaluate their offensive and defensive performance. You should also compare these figures with other teams in the tournament to get a better overview.


That is the content that we want to explain to football fans about what is the concept of over/under? As well as surrounding information to play better on this type of bet. Hopefully you will have a new perspective and a more accurate overview of this popular bet!

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