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APT Medical: Empowering Treatment with Cutting-Edge Medical Devices

APT Medical, a distinguished brand in the medical device industry, specializes in the development and sales of advanced medical devices. With a strong focus on electrophysiology devices, APT Medical targets agents and doctors, providing them with innovative solutions to enhance patient treatment outcomes.

Triguy™ Steerable PV Mapping Catheter: Transforming Treatment with Advanced Medical Devices

Triguy™ Steerable PV mapping catheter is a groundbreaking medical device designed to revolutionize atrial fibrillation (AF) procedures, manufactured by APT Medical. This catheter is specifically tailored for AF procedures, delivering optimal performance and ensuring reliable and accurate outcomes. The catheter boasts a superior design for precise pulmonary vein (PV) mapping. With up to 270° deflection capability, it allows for easier right pulmonary vein (RPV) approach, enhancing procedural efficiency. This innovative catheter empowers electrophysiologists with the tools they need to deliver exceptional care and achieve reliable and accurate outcomes in AF procedures. It follows that APT Medical is transforming treatment by providing an advanced medical device that combines precision, maneuverability, and patient safety.

Targeted Solutions for Agents and Doctors

By collaborating closely with agents and doctors, APT Medical ensures that their devices provide optimal performance, usability, and reliability. Through ongoing partnerships and feedback-driven improvements, APT Medical builds trust and fosters long-term relationships with agents and doctors, further strengthening their position as a preferred provider of medical devices.


APT Medical stands at the forefront of the medical devices industry, delivering cutting-edge medical devices that drive exceptional patient treatment outcomes. With an extensive range of electrophysiology devices, APT Medical empowers  electrophysiologists by equipping them with the latest technologies and tools. Their commitment to solutions for agents, doctors, and universities ensures that every device meets the highest standards of performance and usability. As a trusted brand, APT Medical continues to drive innovation, transforming the treatment landscape and shaping the future of medical devices.

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