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Blueiot’s BT1000-g RTLS Tag: Precision, Portability, and Versatility

In the realm of real-time location tracking, Blueiot‘s BT1000-g RTLS tag stands out as a beacon of precision, portability, and versatility. This compact card-type tag is designed to make tracking assets, employees, and access control a breeze, all while delivering high-precision positioning that ranges from 0.1 to 1 meter.

Precision Redefined

The BT1000-g is engineered for precision. Its high-precision positioning ensures accuracy that spans a remarkable range. Whether you’re tracking assets in a warehouse, monitoring employee movements, or managing access control, this tag offers unparalleled accuracy.

Carry Anywhere, Anytime

With a sleek card design, the BT1000-g is incredibly easy to carry. Slip it into a wallet, attach it to a lanyard, or even use it as an identification card. Its portability makes it a seamless addition to your tracking solution, without adding any bulk.

RFID Compatibility for Versatility

One of the standout features of the BT1000-g is its RFID compatibility. This means it can be used for access control and consumption systems, effectively serving as a multi-application card. It’s a powerful addition to your security and tracking arsenal.

Technical Brilliance

Operating within the 2.4GHz to 2.4835GHz frequency band, the BT1000-g is built for reliability. Its built-in omnidirectional antenna enhances tracking precision, ensuring you get accurate location data. The adjustable refresh rate, ranging from 0.1Hz to 30Hz, provides flexibility to adapt to various tracking requirements.

Compact and Feature-Rich

Measuring at less than 85mm*55mm*6mm and weighing just 30g, the BT1000-g is designed for convenience. It comes equipped with a buzzing alarm button, vibration feedback, and RFID swipe card functionality, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.


In summary, Blueiot’s BT1000-g RTLS Tag is a compact powerhouse that brings precision, portability, and versatility to your tracking needs. Whether you’re managing assets, tracking employees, or enhancing access control systems, this card-type tag is your trusted ally. Its high-precision tracking, easy portability, and RFID compatibility make it a valuable addition to industries where precision and convenience are paramount.

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