Guide to Playing Unbeaten Fantan to Win Money at New88

Fantan entertainment has up to millions of members participating in betting. Each redemption game brings an interesting betting experience with its own game rules. The gameplay is not too complicated combined with a lively online version. More details will be revealed by Neu88 soon, let’s learn to access betting.

Introducing the reward game Fantan

I knowis one of the series of betting games that appear a lot in casinos. Currently, this reward game has an online version that allows players to access online to place bets.

Originating in China and present since the 19th century, this entertainment is still extremely popular today.

The game only has dice and 4 numbered cards, creating extremely high-quality bets. Although it is a type of gambling that appears both offline and online, it is not based on luck. Each turn requires the bettor to calculate based on the game rules to find the most suitable bet.

In particular, the online Fantan game at New88 is also designed in a modern betting table style. It fits the trend of reward exchange in the 4.0 era. Thereby, the game always succeeds in conquering bettors, becoming the bookmaker’s top order-rewarding entertainment product.

Instructions on basic Fantan game rules at New88

Games with bonus bets are attracting the attention of many beginners. Specific rules of the game Fan tan at New88 will be updated for you to learn and participate quickly.

Necessary components of the bet

In this type of gambling, there are many components to create a game including:

  • The dealer prepares flat shaped dice.
  • A sealed box to keep the score in the bet secret before it is announced.
  • The screen displays the betting table with corresponding doors so that participating bettors can easily choose to bet money.

How to play Fantan

The tools mentioned above are the premise for organizing a bet of the Fantan game. To initiate a sequence of actions is set out as follows:

  • The dealer will use a dark lid to separate any number of buttons into a box without the player knowing.
  • The player’s task is to guess the number of remaining buttons after the cards in the box have been divided by 4. Based on your prediction, bet on the numbers displayed on the dealer’s table screen.
  • After all bettors have completed their choices, the dealer will open the dark lid and separate 4 buttons at a time until there are only 4 or less buttons left in the box, then stop.
  • Players who make the correct choice according to the results announced by the house will win a bonus corresponding to the New88 rate previously specified.

Betting options are available in Fantan

The above special reward game has many betting options for players to choose from, specifically:

Fan Betting

The player chooses the specific result of the remaining number of buttons after dividing by 4 with 4 selected cards corresponding to 4 results 1 – 2 – 3 – 4. If you guess correctly with the remaining number of buttons, you will receive a reward with a ratio of 1:2.8 .
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For example: You guess that the number of remaining buttons after dividing by 4 is 1. The dealer splits the buttons and if the remaining number of buttons is also 1, you receive a bonus.

Play Nim

You are placed on 2 numbers, of which 2 winning numbers – 1 winning number. Specific examples are: You choose 3 Nim 4. If the result is 3, you win, if it’s 4, you break the money, payback. Otherwise, if the remaining number of buttons falls to 1 or 2, the bettor loses that game.

Because you have the right to choose two numbers, the lowest probability is already at a safe level of 50%. Therefore, if players predict and calculate carefully, Nim’s chance of winning the bet is quite high, the value usually ranges from 1:1.19.

Kwok Bet

You can also choose 2 numbers like Nim, but the calculation method is different. Just 1 of the 2 numbers you choose using New88’s Fantan results announced will immediately receive a bonus of 1:0.95.

Besides the above 3 ways to play, you can choose to bet on RUSSIA, SSH or odd even to enter money. The bonus rate is displayed right on the betting table, clearly publicized, allowing you to calculate the optimal profit from your investment capital.

Tips to help you optimize your Fantan bets

As mentioned, this is a game that requires calculation and logic in betting. If you want to profit from this type, the following tips are something you cannot ignore.

  • Learn clearly about the rules of the game before placing bets hereBookmaker New88.
  • Prioritize bets with low odds but high probability of winning, do not be greedy for big bonuses but choose dangerous, unsafe bets.
  • The results of the previous game are considered as a premise, based on predicting the next game, the results will come according to certain rules, so please pay attention to the prediction.

This article has shared the most honest information about Fantan betting. Visit New88 now to experience the world of classy reward games, making money safely, simply and easily in 2024.

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