Standard lottery set and method of playing lottery by day

When it comes to playing lottery in sets, it is impossible not to mention the always-winning method of playing lottery by experts who have studied lottery for many years. Problem sets always play an important role in creating achievements. Especially for those who see lottery as a profession to make money and get rich.
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After years,these Ineffective and inaccurate set lotteries have been eliminated. Up to now, modern lottery software has been screened to help people predict lottery numbers in sets that will become more detailed and accurate. Below are the most popular lottery numbers and how to play the lottery listed by reputable experts.

Lotto by set of numbersSanh Laughing in online betting

The set of 12 zodiac numbers is also known as the “set of numbers”.Sanh Tieu”, is a set of 12 numbers belonging to the “yang eight trigrams, the secret art of feng shui”. Anyone who has read the documents of this ancient book surely knows the uses and effectiveness of the 16 hexagrams contained therein.

Among these 16 hexagrams, the ancients used two hexagrams, “Thien Can” and “Dia Chi”, corresponding to the 12 constellations/zodiac animals, “Sanh Tieu” to calculate the corresponding numbers. Helps lottery players apply this method to play lotteries in sets for each day, each month, and each number. This set of numbers is called the lucky golden numbers.

How to play lottery with 12 zodiac animals

Playing lottery numbers according to the 12 zodiac animals is considered the simplest method. Bettors just need to check whether the numbers they want to bet are in the set of 12 zodiac animals or not. Then, combine and eliminate unlucky numbers and bet during the day.

There is another way to play, you can choose the appropriate sets of numbers according to day, month or destiny to play. Just like that, you can play all year round without worrying about running out of numbers. For those of you who do not believe in spiritual factors, please continue reading how to play different numbers below.

Playing the lottery according to a special lottery total is a very good next option for those who specialize in playing the lottery every day. It is called a special total, because when adding the results of the previous day’s numbers together, there will be one number left and it is called the total. Each total number will include 10 sets of numbers from 0 to 9.
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Play the lottery according to the total numbers

According to the analysis of many experts, if you want to win the whole lottery game, you should use the double lottery method. This method is very expensive with limited capital. It won’t take much time for many bettors.

However, according to many years of lottery playing experience of experts, this method of playing lottery according to the total number will help you have a higher winning rate. Setting up a total station is not too difficult for anyone. Just add the last two numbers of the jackpot and add them up. Then, find the corresponding sets of numbers and bet on the next day.

Note that you should be careful when using the set method

Usually when playing lottery we only focus on playing one or two pairs of numbers without worrying about the accuracy of those pairs of numbers. Therefore, playing lottery in sets is the best choice for those who play lottery most effectively in the long run.

However, the main disadvantage of the placing method is the large amount of capital investment. Unlike many other players, they only play one or two pairs of lottery simply because they don’t have too much capital. Therefore, playing lotteries in sets also requires a certain plan

In general, playing lottery in sets will bring players very even wins. Set lottery gambling can be said to be the method that helps online lottery players earn the highest and most stable income. Players also need to have experience playing online lottery before deciding to participate.


All the experiences and ways to play the series have been shared with you. Things to keep in mind when playing lotteries in sets are also listed for you to choose and consider. Hopefully huge achievements will come to all of you when playing lottery according to this set.

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