How to Play Tu Sac in Details and Experience of Always Winning

Four Colors is not only a popular entertainment game in the Central and Southern regions but also an indispensable part of the culture here. Now the game has an online version to serve you anytime, anywhere. With BetVisa Learn details about how to play four colors through the following article.

Some details about the four colors song

Four colors card game is one of the popular card games in Vietnamese culture, it has long been an important part of people’s daily lives. Although many people find four colors easy to play, not everyone knows how to become a master and have a high chance of winning.

The rules of the four-color card game will have different variations depending on the locality and venue.

In the next section, BetVisa will focus on introducing the most popular way to play four colors that is agreed upon by most bookmakers.

Terminology in playing four colors

When discovering how to play four-color cards, you cannot ignore common terms that often appear during play:

  • Even:

Shows cards or groups of cards combined together.

Even numbers can include 2 – 4 cards of the same color and the same number.

For pawns, you can create groups of 3-4 cards of different colors.

The special thing is that players can use from 1 to 4 Generals in an even number.

When there are 4 cards of the same color and the same, it is called a curl; When there are 3 cards of the same color, it is called khhap.

  • Odd:

Refers to troops or groups of cards that are combined together to form a set of Rook, Cannon, Knight or General, Soldier, Bishop of the same color.

  • Garbage:

These are cards that cannot be used or cannot be placed in any group.

Specific instructions on how to play four colors for newbies

The following specific instructions on how to play four colors for newbies will help you master the rules and how to participate in this game:

How to deal four-color cards

In a four-color game, there can be from 2 to 4 people participating.

The dealer will deal 21 cards to each person.

It starts with 20 cards for each person and 1 additional card placed in the middle of the table as a stake.

Details on how to play four colors

When the game starts, the dealer will play the first card on the table and the next player will choose a card from his hand to play down.

This card is called “Pi”, if this Pi card is valid and has the ability to “take” the previous card, the player has the right to play the card and at the same time must place another card from his hand on the table. .

In case the player cannot “take” the previous card, he must draw another card from the pile.

If after drawing the cards there is still no possibility of “taking”, the player will lose their turn.

It is noteworthy that in playing four colors, the person who does not have a turn can still “take” the Pi card, in which case the turn will go to that person and the game continues according to the rules of play.

In case the cards are even

To win this game, there are several ways that can be applied:

  • One is to wait for your opponent or yourself to pick a “bishop” card from the deck of cards.
  • In addition, you can also win by creating an even set, which means owning both cards of the same type that another player has played before.
  • When you have this pair of cards, you will have the opportunity to continue playing to win the game.

In case of abdominal exercises

In some situations, when you have cards in your hand such as Xe – Cannon – Cannon – Knight, Xe – Xe – Phap – Knight or Xe – Phap – Ma – Ma, you will have difficulty making decisions. card to play.

For example, if you are holding the deck of cards Rook – Rook – Cannon – Knight and another player places a Rook card, that player will not be able to “take” that card.

In this situation, the player will have to use the Cannon – Horse set to “win” and the remaining Rook cards will become instant cards.

However, if you decide to use the pair of Rook to “take” other cards, the pair of Cannon – Knight will become meaningless Garbage cards.

This means that if you play one of these two cards and another player holds the Cannon or Knight, you will have to lose money in that hand.
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How to calculate points for four-color cards

Below are detailed instructions on how to calculate points in the four-color card game:

  • Did not receive any orders while playing: Double Points.
  • Receive 1 command: score 3 opened and General.
  • Received 6 orders: score 4 opened.
  • Receive 3 commands: Kha point in hand.
  • Receive 8 orders: Twist point in hand.
  • Get 4 orders: score Four other colors.

It is important to note that the player’s last command number must always be an odd number. If the total number of orders is an even number, this means violating the rules of the game and will be fined. Be careful and pay attention to calculating your orders to avoid making mistakes when participating in the four-color card game.

Experience in playing four colors helps you win

Experience in playing four colors not only helps you improve your ability to win, but also helps players access tactical and intelligent gameplay. Below are important experiences that can be applied in the game:

  • Remember cards: to win in four colors, remembering the cards that have been played and the number of cards that appear is important.
  • Avoid being the last to hold a trash card by paying attention to your opponent’s moves to push the trash cards away.
  • Use the ability to “take cards” wisely: sometimes holding back a card can create a powerful blocking card that helps you eliminate unwanted cards from your opponents.
  • Maintain a strong mentality: in the four-color card game, maintaining composure plays an important role, do not reveal any signs of your strategy because the opponent can take advantage of it to play advantageous cards.
  • Be careful with belly cards: when encountering belly cards, be alert and evaluate the possibility of forming an even hand. If it is not possible, consider that card as a trash card and continue to focus on strategy.
  • Determine your budget: setting a budget before starting to play is an important strategy, this helps you avoid going broke and maintain the mentality of playing consciously and strategically.


Above are detailed instructionsHow to play four colors especially for beginners. BetVisa hopes that this information will be a useful source of knowledge to help you master the rules of the game and gain more experience when participating in this game.

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