What is Lo Gan? Tips for Recognizing Liver Lottery You Shouldn’t Miss

What is lottery?? This is a concept in lottery to refer to numbers that appear frequently in a certain period of time. Understanding this concept will help you find the best lottery numbers to play every day. Experts in this industry are familiar with calculating lottery numbers. However, for newcomers who may still be confused about this concept, let’s find out what lottery is with Kubet casino through the following article!

Learn what the general concept of lottery is

What is lottery? Lo gan is also known by lottery enthusiasts as lottery khan. This is a way to calculate a number that appears many consecutive days in a certain period of time. More simply, lottery numbers are when a number of lottery numbers exceeds the possibility of appearing during that time, and may even appear up to the second month.

In theory, the lottery has 100 numbers drawn with equal probability, but in reality it is not like that. Some lottery numbers do not appear, while some appear continuously for many days. 

Live lottery results occur because the Northern lottery results only appear 27 numbers out of 100 numbers. At the same time, some may appear multiple times in the same month. This is also the reason why players are often concerned about lottery status when some lottery numbers do not appear for a long time.

Similarly, lottery results in the South and Central regions often show lottery results, because only 18 prizes are drawn each week. Therefore, it is very normal for some lots not to appear for more than 40 days. 

In addition, lotteries are also called instant lotteries, which are lottery numbers that do not appear for a long time. This time can be up to more than 28 days, even up to 50 days.

Instructions on two effective methods of playing lottery

After learning what the lottery concept is, let’s explore how to play the lottery effectively to get the highest payout.

Calculated according to the method of determining the falling point of the lot

  • Choosing a pair of lottery numbers: Start by understanding what a lottery number is and choose a pair of lottery numbers that suits your personal feng shui or other fortune-telling methods. You can choose any preferred pair of numbers based on your preference.
  • Check the most recent lot number: Determine the last appearance time of the pair of lot numbers you selected. This helps you evaluate whether this pair of numbers has potential for investment or not.
  • Compare with the maximum number: Consider the maximum number of the pair you are interested in within a certain period of time. Normally, players will choose about 30 days to determine the lottery cycle. Compare the number of days they have not appeared with their maximum number of livers.

For example, if you are raising the number 86 for 12 days and the maximum number is 13 days. You can consider using this pair of numbers when predicting results starting from the next day. 

Similarly, if the pair 98 has not appeared for 9 days and the maximum number is 20 days. You can consider using other pairs of numbers to increase your chances of winning.

Calculated according to the statistical method, what is the lot number?

Based on statistical methods, there are two common cases when playing lottery. Below is a detailed analysis of each possible scenario:

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  • Case 1: If you raise a pair of lots for three days without any numbers of that pair appearing, or even just the beginning of the lot appears without the pair of numbers. In this situation, you should consider arranging that pair of numbers into the lottery list. That’s because the chance of winning the lottery in the following days will be very low.
  • Case 2: If you are raising the number 55, but in the last 3 draws, only related numbers such as: 54, 56, 51, 56 have appeared many times or unrelated numbers such as: 44, 45, 14,… In this case, you can reasonably put the number 55 in your lottery list. The reason is that when related numbers appear multiple times, the liver number may be the next number in the series to appear.

By applying the above method, you understand what lottery is and can make logical lottery decisions and improve your chances of winning the lottery. However, always remember that lottery is a game of chance, so no strategy guarantees 100% success. Please be responsible and consider carefully before betting.


The above article hopes to give you an overview of what lottery is and how to play lottery most effectively. To improve your lottery prediction skills and experience, you should refer to many different useful articles. Accumulate more information and apply appropriate strategies to increase your chances of winning in lottery games at the house. Kubet.

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